Behance Inbox 2.0

Behance Inbox 2.0 MAY 2014
We launched a newly redesigned Behance inbox last May, featuring a responsive layout, global message notifications, group messages, bulk deletion, and emoji support.
Responsive layout
Read and write messages on the mobile website, on any device
Global message notifications
See new messages as they come in, from creatives and recruiters from any responsive page on Behance

Group Messages
Send group messages in a thread of up to 10 people. Collaborating on a project? Starting a discussion with a group of key members? Everyone can read and respond.
Bulk Message Actions
Too many messages? Select multiple messages to get bulk message options, so that you can archive, mark as read, or delete messages en masse.
Emoji Support
You can now paste emojis into Behance messages and view them on our app or any browser that supports emojis.

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